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All Skill Levels

We constantly teach beginners and advanced students.

All Ages

We frequently teach students as young as three!

All Music Styles

Electric, acoustic, rock, pop, fingerstyle… We teach it all!

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Lessons To Suit You


Learn what YOU want to learn with one-on-one lessons. Follow The Ultimate Guitar Method or focus on a specific area like fingerpicking, theory, chords or guitar solos. This is your time to develop your skills!


Focus on your specific area of interest while receiving a discount for sharing lessons in small group of 2-3 students. Ideal for band mates siblings and family members.


Learn your favourite songs, play ensemble pieces and develop group performing skills as you follow The Ultimate Guitar Method in a small class of 4-7 students.

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Get a head start right now on your guitar journey and complete all of Step One of The Ultimate Guitar Method with five video guitar lessons – completely free!

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We have a main premises in Smeaton Grange and some of our tutors teach from their homes.


Save time and travel with a mobile guitar tutor who comes to you.


Learn in the comfort of your own home via Skype video calls. Spend less time travelling, more time shredding.


Our tutors run guitar tuition programs at local Sydney schools.

The Ultimate

Guitar Method

A structured course that makes learning easy for all ages. Grades specifically designed for Kids, Teens and Adults. Learn skills, apply them to any style of music and play your favourite songs as part of the course. Go from complete beginner to guitar master!

More Than Just A Guitar Lesson

Stay Informed

Parents stay informed of their child’s progress with Progress Reports, sound or video recordings and by being included in our online student documents.

Student Login

Access practice resources, learning tips and additional video lessons using our student login system.


Stay encouraged and motivated with certificates and small rewards for hard work, improvement or completing Ultimate Guitar Method grades.

Practice Help

We provide Practice Logs, Routines and Videos that show you how much you need to practice and how frequently.

Learn What You Want To Learn.

Whether it’s songs, theory, fingerpicking, solos or something more specific like Neo-Classical Progressive Death Metal, we’re here make learning easy and enjoyable so that you can take your playing to the next level!

Practice Videos For Students.

We’ve recently added Practice Videos to our repertoire. These a short video recordings of the songs you’re learning that are sent to you, so that you can play them at home and know exactly how it should sound. You can even play along with the videos to get the best results from your home practice efforts!

Do I Really Need Guitar Lessons?

Take this 60 second quiz to find out what areas we can help you improve! Simply press play on the video player!

Gift Certificates Available.

There are two kinds of people; Those who play guitar and those who want to play guitar. Purchase a guitar lesson gift certificate or online video guitar lesson package for a friend or family member – ideal for both beginners and experienced players!

Watch Some Awesome Guitar Playing

Watch some cool videos with awesome guitar work and get inspired! You could even ask your UGA Tutor to teach you one of these songs!

Learn What You Love

Our primary focus is teaching students what they want to learn. Focus on something specific like rock, improvising, chords, music theory or fingerstlye, or simply learn everything – the choice is yours!

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying


“My son just attended the 1st term of guitar lessons. He has learned so much in that short period. He has totally enjoyed himself and loves it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn music. The tutor is fantastic!”

– Joe

Sydney, Australia


“I have 2 children learning with UGA. They really enjoy the lessons. My older child has been learning with UGA for about 7 yrs & can play almost anything she tries & loves practicing. The teacher is really encouraging & supportive!”

– Belinda

Sydney, Australia


“My son loves learning with Daniel from UGA. I have to argue with him to put the guitar down because all he wants to do is practice. The songs and skills he is learning are great. Thanks UGA!”

– Eliza

Sydney, Australia

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How Can UGA Help Me?

We teach our students how to be awesome guitarists. This means learning scales, exercises, riffs, melodies, chords, guitar solos, fingerpicking, music theory, sight reading and much more. We spend the majority of our lesson times playing songs along with the music, which is one of the most effective and fun ways to teach students new skills. Whatever stage of learning you’re on, we can help you:

  • Improve picking technique
  • Develop faster chord changes
  • Master scales
  • Learn arpeggios (and more importantly, how to use them)
  • Understand keys and music theory
  • Learn how to read tab, chord diagrams, chord charts and music notation
  • Develop proper sweeping technique
  • Learn fingerpicking and percussive-fingerstyle guitar

… And so much more!

Still Not Sure?

Don’t fret! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or you might like to visit our FAQ section.