Go From Complete Zero To Guitar Hero

We specialise in guitar teaching to make learning easy for all ages, skill levels and music styles. Take your playing to the next level or start your guitar journey with a trained guitar tutor.

We Specialise In Guitar Lessons

All Skill Levels

We constantly teach beginners and advanced students.

All Ages

We frequently teach students as young as three.

All Music Styles

Electric, acoustic, rock, pop, fingerstyle – we teach it all.

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Courses For All Ages

Our courses simplify the learning process for all ages. Develop crucial guitar skills that take you from complete zero to guitar hero.

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Learn What You Love

Our main focus is teaching students what they want to learn. Follow one of our courses or focus on a specific area of interest like fingerpicking, theory, soloing or improvising.

More Than Just A 30 Minute Guitar Lesson

Stay Informed

Progress Reports, sound or video recordings and online documents keep parents in the loop.

Student Login

Access practice resources, learning tips and additional video lessons using our student login system.


Stay encouraged and motivated with certificates and small rewards for dedication or completing Ultimate Guitar Method grades.

Practice Help

Practice Logs and Practice Routines show you exactly what and how to practice. Have fun jamming along with practice videos.

Ultimate Guitar Method

Start your guitar journey or take your playing to the next level with a versatile, structured course that teaches all aspects of guitar playing while allowing you to learn the music you love. The Junior edition is designed specifically for students 3-12 and the senior course is designed for ages 13 and up.

Lessons To Suit You


Learn what YOU want to learn with one-on-one lessons. Follow The Ultimate Guitar Method or focus on a specific area like fingerpicking, theory, chords or guitar solos. This is your time to develop your skills!


Focus on your specific area of interest while receiving a discount for sharing lessons in small group of 2-3 students. Ideal for band mates siblings and family members.


Learn your favourite songs, play ensemble pieces and develop group performing skills as you follow The Ultimate Guitar Method in a small class of 4-7 students.

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Our Home Base

Our main headquarters is in Smeaton Grange, located in the Camden, Narellan and Campbelltown district of Sydney. We also have a range of other location options such as Tutor Home Studios, Skype Lessons, School Tuition Programs, Mobile Guitar Lessons and a main headquarters in

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Get Inspired

Watch some cool guitar playing and get inspired to improve your skills!

Our Customers Say...

I have 2 children learning with UGA. They really enjoy the lessons. My older child has been learning with UGA for about 7 yrs & can play almost anything she tries & loves practicing. The teacher is really encouraging & supportive!


Sydney, Australia

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About Ultimate Guitar Academy

We turn people into guitarists, and guitarists into musicians. Get it right the first time with a UGA teacher who’s trained in The Ultimate Guitar Method – a course that simplifies the learning process so that you can learn faster, easier and better. Develop skills, learn all aspects of guitar and play your favourite songs so that you can become THE ULTIMATE GUITARIST!