The Five Fundamental Techniques

There are five key areas to playing the guitar. Learn them all to become a guitar master!

Learn the Five Fundamental Techniques.

Learn about the five key areas to playing guitar.

What Are The Five Fundamental Skills?

All elements of guitar playing can be broken down into five different categories. There is Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs.


Learn open chord shapes, bar chords, voicings, arpeggios, chord composition, theory, altered chords, chord extensions, chord substitutions chords, 7ths, power chords and more!



Learn scales, solos, licks, left hand exercises, right hand exercises, scale constructions, modes, sweeping, legato, tapping, fingerpicking, percussive-fingerstyle, economy picking, alternate picking, speed picking and more!



Learn how to listen and identifying. This includes intervals, chord progressions, tonality, pitch, effects, rhythm, production techniques, music theory, song analysis, song construction and more!



Simply put, anything that involves paper and playing. This includes music notation, guitar tab, chord charts, rhythm charts, chord diagrams and more!



Last, but certainly not the least! The purpose of any curriculum is to make music, so the final component is to put your abilities to good use and play songs! This involves playing songs along with the music, with your tutor, improvising to jam tracks, playing to backing tracks, learning about session guitar work, composing songs and more!