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At UGA, we are always looking for like-minded guitarists who are outstanding at their craft and want to pursue a career teaching professionally. We want to set up a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship where we can fill your timetable with keen guitar students. Together, we can maximise the return on your invested hard work.

Training Provided

No guitar teaching or business experience? No worries! We train you in how to teach guitar and how to operate as a small business. All you need is your guitar knowledge and a motivated attitude!

Be Part Of A Team

Join a team of dedicated tutors and be part of something more than just yourself!

Teach From Anywhere

Teach guitar professionally from your own studio location and via Skype. We’ll also work with you to secure day time teaching positions at local schools.

Not Just Another Online Listing

We are not just another online listing. We are looking for fellow guitar teachers who want to be part of a team of trained and dedicated guitar education specialists.

Resources & Tools

All UGA tutors are given access to The Ultimate Guitar Method, our Teacher Resources and our Business Resources.

Security & Stability

We live in a world where nothing is certain. Our term system is designed to give you the security and stability YOU DESERVE.

Make A Living

Our system allows us to pay tutors much more than the average local music school.

About The Applicant

You are a knowledgable and skilled guitarist with a love for teaching music. You are motivated, dedicated, loyal and prepared to go the extra mile. You must be hard working and wanting to improve your tradecraft in both teaching and business aspects. Most importantly, you must be willing to learn.

Positions Available

Guitar Teacher Job Campbelltown

Guitar Teacher Job Camden

Teach Guitar At UGA!

Are you a passionate guitarist who’s dedicated to making a successful career teaching guitar? Talk to us about working with UGA at your own location.

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Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to go through some details with you and answer any questions you might have.