Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

The gifts of skill and knowledge surpass all others because they are timeless. Our gift vouchers can be used towards any of our lesson services, such as face to face lessons with a professional UGA Tutor, Skype Lessons, or on one of our many online video guitar lesson packages.

The Gift Of Skill

Let’s be honest – finding unique presents for Birthdays or Christmas is tough. So why not help that “guitar friend” of yours to become better at what they love? There isn’t a guitarist in the world that doesn’t want to constantly improve their playing.

Improve Your Playing

Focus on what you love and learn songs, scales, sight reading, theory, fingerpicking and more!

Learn From Home

One of our tutors can travel to your location to conduct the lesson.

Skype Lessons

Stay at home and learn over the internet via a Skype video call. This has no additional costs involved and only requires a Skype account and a decent internet connection.

Custom Video Message From A UGA Tutor

We want your present to be cool. So we can provide (an optional) custom recorded message to the recipient, free of charge. All you need to do is provide us with some details on what you want the message to contain. It might simply say “Happy Birthday, from Mum and Dad”, or we can go into detail about the cool music the recipient will learn. We’ll also shred a few guitar licks to build the excitement!

Watch A Demo Video

Our Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates


Four lessons at a UGA location or via Skype.


Four lessons at your own home with a UGA Tutor.


You choose a monetary amount that can be applied to any of our services.

Send Enquiry

We’re still building our online shop, however Gift Certificates can still be purchased by sending us an enquiry. We’ll answer any of your questions and once you know what you’d like to purchase, we’ll send an invoice to you via email.

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