Shared Guitar Lessons

Two students learning guitar together in the one lesson for a discounted rate. Ideal for anyone wanting to have fun learning together, play ensemble pieces or learn Songwriting and Improvising.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Shared Guitar Lessons have two students in the one lesson, which allows student to learn from each other, resulting in faster learning and improvement, particularly with rhythm skills. This is ideal for those who want to have fun learning together, or would like to work on Songwriting or Improvising.

Stay Encouraged

We love encouraging students and rewarding them for hard work, dedication, improvement or when they complete an Ultimate Guitar Method grade. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Learn From Jamming

Because Shared Guitar Lessons have two students at a time, you can play ensemble pieces together. This is where every guitar plays something different, which essentially is an awesome (but educational) jam session of your favourite songs.

Save Some Cash

Shared Guitar Lessons allow us to offer discounted rates, yet maintaining high quality teaching standards. We even offer a second discount if both students are family members!

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Also available in Shared Guitar Lessons, The Ultimate Guitar Method is our very own self paced syllabus that makes learning the guitar as easy as possible. It covers ALL aspects of guitar playing and knowledge through it’s grades, which are specifically designed for different age groups. Choose your topics and have some fun, or learn everything and become the best guitarist you can possibly be with The Ultimate Guitar Method!

Learn The Five Fundamental Techniques.

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. The Ultimate Guitar Method breaks down all areas of guitar playing into the Five Fundamental Techniques; Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs. Master each of these to become THE ULTIMATE GUITARIST!

Achieve Your Goals.

Whether it’s fingerpicking, soloing, chord playing or improvising, we make customised practice routines and guides for our students so you know exactly how to practice effectively and achieve your goals!

Stay On Track.

We help students by giving them Practice Routines that show them what to practice, and also Practice Logs, so they can record their practice and keep track of how much playing they are doing.

Parents Stay Informed.

We complete Progress Reports every semester and send home audio or video recordings, to keep parents updated with what we’ve been covering in lessons and how their child is progressing.

Want Some Privacy?

Shared lessons are great, but sometimes you want to shred away with just your tutor. And that’s ok. Check out our Private Guitar Lessons for one on one expertise!

Learn In A Class?

Follow THE ULTIMATE GUITAR METHOD in a small class of 4-7 students and develop fundamental techniques that are essential for successful guitar playing!

Want 5 Free Lessons?

We have prepared FIVE (yep, five) free video guitar lessons for you to undertake. It follows Step One of The Ultimate Guitar Method. Did we mention it’s free?

More About Shared Lessons...

Whilst we teach absolutely anything and everything guitar related, our main focus helping you with what you want to learn. Our team of guitar tutors are well versed and experienced musicians who there to help take your playing to the next level! If you have a specific need, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out!