Having Trouble With Skype Guitar Lessons?

Online guitar lessons via Skype (or other similar services) are great, but they’re not without their faults. If you’re experiencing trouble with online video guitar lessons, these tips might help fix things up for you.

  • Move closer to the modem. The closer you are, the stronger the signal strength should be.
  • Use a wired connection. It’s even better than wi-fi.
  • Use an alternative service. FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook and Google all offer some form of video chat service. I’ve found FaceTime to be the most reliable, however it lacks features like share-screen.
  • Use a mobile network. I’ve run online lessons where the student used the internet on their iPhone because it was better than their home wi-fi. You could stream directly to your phone or use it as a hot spot for your laptop/iPad.
  • Try audio only. Sure it’s not ideal, but if you only have a few minutes left, then it’s better than wasting 5 minutes trying to get the video feed fixed up.
  • Use a different device. Most smartphones, laptops and tablets will do the trick, but I’ve found that iPads tend to run video calls better than many computers.
  • Request a video. If your internet is playing up, send your tutor a quick text asking them to record a quick video finish explaining the lesson.
  • Get better internet. If all else fails, this may be your only option for online lessons.

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