How Do We Teach Guitar?

It’s our goal to make everyone a better guitarist by making learning easier for students of all ages in all guitar playing styles and all music genres. To do this, we teach guitar through a range of guitar lesson formats, such as Private, Shared and Group. These are professional guitar lessons conducted by our trained, certified and qualified UGA Tutors, held at a range of schools, tutor studio locations and also over the internet via Skype.


Learn what YOU want to learn with one-on-one lessons. Follow The Ultimate Guitar Method or focus on a specific area such as fingerpicking, chords, lead guitar, solos, improvising, scales. This is your time to develop your skills!

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Share your lesson with a friend or family member to receive a discounted rate! Students can still choose what they want to learn and focus on a specific area or style, such as rock guitar. Remember – iron sharpens iron!

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Follow The Ultimate Guitar Method while having fun learning in a small class of 4-7 students and receive discounted lesson rates! Group students often learn very quickly and develop rhythm and timing skills at a fast rate!

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Stay in your pyjamas and learn online with live real-time video lessons via Skype! These lessons have no additional cost and can still follow any of the curriculum options that we offer. Skype means less time travelling, more time shredding!



The Ultimate Guitar Method helps us specialise in teaching young students because it’s designed to make learning the guitar as easy as possible. We have had great success implementing this curriculum for students as young as 3!


Adults typically have a developed taste in music and know what they like. Some adults even have specific goals and need our help getting them to the playing level they want to be. Whatever your need is, we’re here to help you!

Video Lessons

We have a range of video guitar lessons that are available for download, which each come with a 30 minute face to face lesson conducted by one of our UGA Tutors. These are ideal for anyone wanting a short course that will develop their skills and teach them a specific area of playing such as Fingerpicking, Blues guitar, Metal guitar and much more!

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Free Lessons

Get to know us and our teaching style with some video lessons that are completely FREE! Yep, free. We have some guitar basics, chord shapes, scales, introductory lessons and you can even complete Step One of The Ultimate Guitar Method – start your guitar journey today! You can even book a trial Skype lesson when you’re done! Did I mention it’s free?

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