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Guitar lessons available on your computer, tablet or phone.

Our Online Services


Guitar lessons tailored to suit you with a real live guitar tutor in a video call via Skype, FaceTime or other similar services. Learn songs, ask questions and improve your playing. Discounts for groups and family members.


Pre-recorded video lesson packages designed to help you with specific area, or follow The Ultimate Guitar Method. Succinct videos that get straight to the point that you can watch as many times as you like.

Learn From Anywhere

Learn at work on your lunch break, from your car during a road trip, on the park bench during the kid’s soccer practice – literally anywhere.

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Learn What You Love

Our main priority is teaching students what they want to learn, so that you can develop their skills at your own pace. Follow one of our courses or focus on a specific area of interest like fingerpicking, theory, soloing or improvising. It’s your time to develop your skills.

Aspects commonly help students with; Changing chords, bar chords, scales, picking, solos, theory, improvising, arpeggios, sweeping, songwriting, alternate picking, tapping, legato, sight reading, percussive techniques and most importantly – learning songs.

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