Our Term System

Here at UGA, we operate on a term system. This means that enrolled students are invoiced at the start of a term, and this invoice covers all lessons for the whole term. Our term weeks follow the public school system (approximately 10 weeks per term and 4 terms per year).
At UGA we offer highly competitive rates that in most cases are substantially lower that leading competitors. Our terms and conditions allow us to do this, so please ensure you’re a rare of them. In short, they are:
Operating by term is advantageous to our tutors and our students because it:
  • Allows us to give substantially lower rates than our leading competitors.
  • Helps our staff provide a reliable service.
  • Gives our students the commitment and stability they deserve.
  • Gives our staff the commitment and stability they deserve. After all, they are providing for their families.
  • Allows us to offer discounted group rates (in fact, some of the cheapest professional music tuition rates in Australia).
Some people are a little put off by the idea of operating by term, but it really is extremely beneficial for students and teachers. Would one exercise session with a personal trainer make you fit? No way. It’s an ongoing commitment. Improving your guitar playing is very similar – one lesson alone is nowhere near as effective as learning on an ongoing basis.
Whilst we are always as flexible and accommodating as we possibly can be for our students, there are some conditions that we need to try to adhere to, in order to provide a fair service. For instance, students/parents need to:
  • Give their tutor 24 hours notice in order to be valid to reschedule a lesson.
  • Inform us 7 days before a term commenced if they wish to cancel lessons, change classes or days/times.
Of course, we understand that life can be unpredictable, so we give students one catch up lesson per term where less than 24 hours notice of their absence was given. Likewise, our tutors are allowed one absence per term where they don’t need to catch up on the lesson (yet none of our tutors yet to actually use this).
The bottom line is that our term system allows us to offer the best possible price and conditions for both students and teachers.
Questions? Get in touch with us. We’re real people and we’re here to help.

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