Practice Videos

Making Practice Fun,

So You Can Learn Faster...

What Are Practice Videos?

Practice Videos are short video recordings of songs that students learn. They’re not designed to teach the song, but rather assist the student rehearse the song at home in a fun way.

Making Practice Fun.

We often put drums, bass, lead guitar and other layers in our Practice Videos because it makes jamming along with them much more fun. They typically have the guitar track turned up a little louder than usual, so it can be easily heard above.

Learn Faster.

Many students forget how a song is suppose to sound when they get home to practice. Students using our practice videos will hear and see the song as they’re playing it, so they’ll know exactly what they’re suppose to do, meaning their time spent practicing is highly effective.

Custom Practice Videos.

Every once and a while a student comes along who wants to learn something bizarre that we have never taught or made a Practice Video for (such as the “Pokemon Go Song” – yes, we have actually taught that), so we simply make practice videos for students who need it! Ask your UGA Tutor about making a Practice Video for that song you’ve been having trouble with!