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Build your school’s music profile with a guitar tutor specialising in teaching school students.

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Creative Kid's Program

We are registered participants of the Creative Kid’s scheme that allows parents to save $100 towards guitar lessons.

This program helps make extra-curricula activities, such as guitar lessons, more affordable and encourages students to simply participate and have a go.

More information about the Creative Kids program can be found here.

Make Music BIG

Strong musical culture doesn’t just spontaneously happen – it takes forethought form those in charge of the department.

A certified UGA Guitar Teacher can establish a guitar tuition program to suit your school, that helps raise the profile of music and build a strong sense of community within your school.

Improve Your School's HSC Ranking.

Good guitar work is what we do here at UGA. Any half decent guitarist needs the right guidance from a trained professional in order to achieve their full potential.

Why Should We Have A Guitar Tuition System At Our School?

The only way for students to do well in their Music HSC is for them to be outstanding musicians. This is best achieved by learning from a seasoned professional – just like the guitar teachers we hire at UGA!

Guitar is already an incredibly popular instrument in western society, so the odds of success for a tuition program tend to be much greater than with other instruments. We often jokingly say “there are two types of people; Thos who play guitar, and those who wish they played guitar!”

How Does The UGA Tuition System Work?

We typically run Private, Shared or Group lessons at schools, with classes occurring before, after and during the school day. This means some students will come out of class to attend their lesson, though others may have their time slot outside of class times such as lunch breaks or after school. We also use rotational timetables at most school locations, so that students don’t excessively miss out on the one subject.

Students would ideally need to bring their own guitar, though access to school guitars would be ideal so that there’s always a spare for those who forget their own. Our tutor will bring their own laptop, speaker and guitar to use.

After the lesson, students simply return to class and continue the school day.

What Does A UGA Teacher Need?

We make an effort to be of little burden on the school as possible. Really, there are only three things we need.

– Reliable access to a classroom of some sort, with chairs, a desk and a powerpoint.

– Access to amenities.

– The opportunity to market their guitar tuition program within the school. This could be advertising in the school newsletter or simply visiting classes and explaining what the guitar tuition program entails.

What Would A UGA Teacher Prefer?

– Air conditioning is always nice, but we understand that it’s unfortunately not always an option.

– A large enough room for group lessons.

– A key for the room they’ll be using. This can be checked in/out each week at the front office if the tutor isn’t allowed to take the key home with them.

– Opportunity to advertise in the school newsletter. This can be paid advertising, but we usually ask that the school places the first advert free of charge, to kick start the program.

– The opportunity to put up posters in the school. This could be on notice boards or even just around the music rooms.

– To be the dedicated guitar tutor for that school. This means not having a second tutor who teaches different students or on different days. The reason behind this is that our tutors are dedicating their time to your school and so need some dedication in return.

– At least four students at any one time. Our tutors are committing their time to your school and four students is typically the minimum number to make conducting lessons feasible.

– Raised awareness by staff. This means having the music teachers inform their classes that lessons are available, handing out flyers to the classes for those interested and even making announcements at assemblies or in school newsletters.

– Not to be charged by the school for using their facilities. Of course we understand that this may be a necessity, but our point of view is that by running a tuition program we are benefiting the school by improving school culture and the prevalence of music. We also offer very competitive rates and any additional costs will most likely mean a rise in student fees, which in turn prevents people from becoming clients.

– Access to the school internet is very beneficial for both the students and teachers as it allows us to use online documents to assist students in their learning.

– The opportunity for students (and perhaps the tutor) to perform at assemblies and other school events. Doesn’t have to be on stage, it could simps be background music at a school event.

– The opportunity for the tutor to visit classrooms to introduce themselves and explain what they do at the school.

How Can I Get A UGA Tuition System Running At My School?

If you work at the school then contact us to arrange a meeting where we can go over all the fine details.

Parents or students can speak to the school’s music department, raise the idea at a PTA meeting or even ask the school principal or curriculum coordinator. If in doubt, simply call the school’s admin office and ask them who the best person to speak to would be. You can also start asking other students, parents and friends if they’d be interested in having a tutor run lessons at the school.

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