Step A

What Do Students Learn In Step A?

  • The parts of the guitar.
  • Proper string names.
  • Several beginner scales.
  • Entry level chords.
  • What the Five Fundamental Techniques are.
  • How to read Guitar Tab, Chord Charts & Chord Diagrams.
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How Much Should Step A Students Practice?

  • At least three times per week.
  • Each practice should be about ten minutes long, however it may take several lessons before they have enough content to last ten minutes.

How Long Does Step A Take?

  • The Ultimate Guitar Method is a self paced curriculum, rather than a lesson by lesson course.
  • The average completion time for students who diligently follow the practice regime is about 12-18 months, however some students may take longer.
  • Students are only able to pass Step C if competency is achieved in all required areas.

Suggested Step A Goals:

  • Memorise all parts of the guitar.
  • Memorise string names.
  • Memorise a song.
  • Play a song with the music.
  • Play a song for Mum or Dad.
  • Record a song with your tutor and send it to Mum or Dad.
  • Learn a song that uses chords.
  • Learn a song that uses picking.
  • Learn a song that uses both chords and picking.

Suggested Step A Listening:

  • Deep Purple
  • AC/DC
  • Katy Perry
  • P!nk (Pink)
  • Due Lipa
  • Bruno Mars
  • Michael Jackson

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