Guitar Made Easy For Young Beginners

A guitar course that’s designed to make learning easy specifically for young students.

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Designed Specifically For Young Students

Designed for students aged 3 to 13, Steps A, B, C and D make up The Ultimate Guitar Method Junior Course. It starts at the most basic level possible, beginning with learning the parts of the guitar – an aspect that is surprisingly often forgotten about by many guitar teachers. Students then learn how to count frets, hold down strings and usually learn a whole song in their first lesson.

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Structured Learning

There are five key areas to guitar playing, called The Five Fundamental Techniques. These are Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs. These techniques are what make up our own curriculum, The Ultimate Guitar Method.

Every grade (called a Step) contains a small portion of each of these key areas. Students must achieve competency in all areas in order to progress to the next Step. This ensures students progress evenly and don’t neglect any aspects.

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Ideal For Young Students


The progress of a young student often relies on being encouraged and motivated, so students receive certificates and awards each time they complete an Ultimate Guitar Method Step.

Self Paced

Ultimate Guitar Method is a curriculum, not a lesson-by-lesson course, so students can progress at their own pace.

Practice Help

Our online student login contains practice resources, learning tips and additional video lessons for each Ultimate Guitar Method Step.

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Learn Real Music

Many kids guitar courses teach nursery rhymes and music that young students don’t know or care about. Ultimate Guitar Method Junior currently has over 500 songs and is updated on a daily basis. Students learn classic pieces like Wild Thing by The Troggs, as well as new releases by current artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes.

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Guitar Made Fun

Young students need to have fun in their learning, especially considering the dwindling attention span across society. This is why students can choose to learn their favourite songs as part of the course, but we don’t just teach radio songs or classic hits by many famous artists. It’s quite common for students to learn themes from Avengers or Star Wars, nursery rhymes, soundtracks, memes, Minecraft parodies and some bizarre sounds like “The Doorbell” or “Windows XP Startup Theme”. We’ve even taught the Sydney Train’s departing sound.

Much More Than Songs & Scales

It’s common for guitar courses to simply contain a collection of songs and scales in order of difficulty. Ultimate Guitar Method teaches music and guitar holistically, across every genre of music. We’ve included some aspects that are often neglected, like song structure, songwriting, music theory, scale composition, chord composition, ear training, effects, music technology, technique exercises and recording conventions. Students can even write and record their own song as part of their studies.

A Strong Focus On Technique

Many young students struggle to learn because they haven’t been taught proper technique for playing. Even something simple like picking one string can be quite challenging for young beginners, and improper technique leads to a roadblock in their progression.

Ultimate Guitar Method places a large focus on developing essential skills like picking, sliding, hammer-ons, pull-offs and palm muting, so they can become awesome guitarists.

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Students Will Learn More Than...

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