Ultimate Guitar Method: Senior

Follow a structured course that will develop the skills and knowledge you need to learn your favourite songs, shred the solos you love and become the guitarist you always wanted to be.

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A Course Designed For Adults

All Skill Levels

Wherever you are in your guitar journey, The Ultimate Guitar Method can help take your playing to the next level!

Guitar Made Easy

Follow a logical progression of learning that starts at the most basic level possible and gradually develops the skills required to become a proficient guitarist.

All Music Styles

With no set works, you are free to choose your favourite songs to learn as part of your grade. Rock, blues, metal, jazz, blues, improvising, fingerpicking… you name it, we teach it!

What Do Students Learn?

Aside from learning your favourite songs, The Ultimate Guitar Method will teach you to:

  • Play scales
  • Memorise chords
  • Learn arpeggios
  • Be able to sight reading
  • Understand music theory
  • Improve picking technique and speed

… And much more!

A Complete System Of Learning

Online Login

Gain access to additional lessons, tips and learning resources with our online student portal.

Practice Help

Each grade comes with practice guides and routines so you know what to practice and how much.

Self Paced Learning

The Ultimate Guitar Method isn’t a lesson-by-lesson course. It’s a self paced curriculum so you progress at your own pace.