The Ultimate

Guitar Method

Start your guitar journey or take your playing to the next level with a versatile, structured course that teaches all aspects of guitar playing while allowing you to learn the music you love.

Complete Zero To Guitar Hero

The Ultimate Guitar Method a complete guitar curriculum that makes learning easy and takes you from beginner to guitar master.

It’s a curriculum, not a lesson-by-lesson course, meaning you can learn at your own pace.

It makes learning easy by breaking all areas of guitar playing and knowledge into five categories called The Five Fundamental Techniques. These are Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs.

Each grade (called a step) is a benchmark of these topics and students must complete all requirements in each topic in order to progress to the next Step. This ensures students progress evenly across all skills.

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Not Just Songs And Scales

Online Login

Students can access helpful tips, song suggestions and additional lessons for their Step using our online login.


Students who complete grades receives certificates and small awards.

Practice Help

Each Step comes with practice routines and guides, so students know exactly what to practice and how frequently.

Be Awesome

The Ultimate Guitar Method is a holistic system of learning that includes a wide range of essential aspects that are often overlooked but guitar teachers. Things like music technology & effects, sight reading, music definitions, production and ear training all play a large role in the development of a guitarist, yet are rarely taught properly.


Learn What You Love.

There is great flexibility in The Ultimate Guitar Method. Students can choose the songs they learn, which means you can learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Stairway To Heaven, Highway To Hell, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and so much more as part of your Step content. Then you can play them along with the song, backing track, or simply jam them with your tutor or guitar class.

Junior: Designed Specifically For Kids

guitar lessons for kid's

Steps A, B, C and D are the junior course, specifically designed to make learning easy for students as young as 3.

It starts at a complete beginner level and is designed to help young beginners learn and improve at their own pace.

Students learn parts of the guitar, beginner chords, entry level scales and most importantly – songs!

Senior: Designed For Adult Learners

Steps 1 to 6 are the adult’s course. It also starts at a complete beginner level but progresses a little faster in difficulty.

It includes even more aspects than the junior course, such as extended arpeggios, chord alterations, melodic minor modes.

Students are able to write an original song and become their own musician as part of the course.

Learn Step One For Free!

Get started with your guitar journey right now and learn all of Step 1 right now with these online video guitar lessons!

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What Would I Learn?

Become an awesome guitarist. This means learning scales, exercises, riffs, melodies, chords, guitar solos, fingerpicking, music theory, sight reading and much more. Spend the majority of your lesson times playing songs along with the music, which is one of the most effective and fun ways to learn new skills. Whatever stage of learning you’re on, The Ultimate Guitar Method can help you:

  • Improve picking technique
  • Develop faster chord changes
  • Master scales
  • Learn arpeggios (and more importantly, how to use them)
  • Understand keys and music theory
  • Learn how to read tab, chord diagrams, chord charts and music notation
  • Develop proper sweeping technique
  • Learn fingerpicking and percussive-fingerstyle guitar

… And so much more!

Learn The Five Fundamental Techniques

There are many aspects to Chord playing such as chord shapes, bar chords, chord composition, strumming, voicings, arpeggios, theory and more! Here you’ll learn what all of these topics and skills are, but best of all – you’ll use them in your songs!

Picking is so much more than just scales and riffs. Sure, you’ll learn those, but also exercises for left and right hands, guitar licks, solos, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, sweeping, natural harmonics, pinch harmonics, harp harmonics and some music theory. You’ll also learn how to use the scales and techniques that you’ve learnt.

Aural is listening skills, which basically involves listening and then identifying. This includes intervals, chord progressions, tonality, pitch and effects, with the end goal being for the student to simply listen to a song and know how to play it and what production techniques are being utilised. All top notch musicians have excellent musical ears!

Simply put, reading is anything that involves paper and playing (although pdf files are more common these days). This includes reading music notation (not the same as music theory), guitar tab and more. A limiting belief is that reading music is confusing; but it’s our job to simplify the process so that anyone – yes, anyone – can learn to read notation.

The purpose of any curriculum is to make music, so the final component is to put the abilities and knowledge that you’ve learnt from the other four skills to good use and play songs! You’ll also learn about song composition, improvising and songwriting and eventually write your own song. Then you’ve become a true musician!

Choose What You Learn

Don’t want to learn all Five Fundamental Techniques? No stress – you can completely leave one out if you prefer… although you won’t receive your Step certificate or pick until you fulfil all requirements. We recommend learning everything because the more you learn, the better you are!