Ultimate Guitar Method

A structured and versatile guitar course that teaches all aspects of guitar playing while allowing you to learn the music you love. Develop skills, learn songs and become THE ULTIMATE GUITARIST!

Complete Zero To Guitar Hero

The Ultimate Guitar Method a complete guitar curriculum that takes you from complete beginner to guitar master.

It starts at the most basic level possible and covers everything you need to develop essential guitar playing skills. Students learn everything from basic open chords, to complicated scales and keys like the Phrygian Dominant mode.

It’s a curriculum, not a lesson-by-lesson course, meaning you can learn at your own pace.

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A Learning Path That Makes Sense

Ultimate Guitar Method follows a logical progression within each grade. It starts with the simple but useful foundation aspects that all your future guitar playing is based on. Moreover, the chords, scales and knowledge you learn in your grade are reflected in the song recommendations for that grade. Simple. Makes sense.

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Guitar & Music Theory Made Easy

The Ultimate Guitar Method starts at the most basic level possible and covers everything you need to develop essential guitar playing skills. Students learn everything from basic open chords, to complicated scales and keys like the Phrygian Dominant mode.

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Five Fundamental Techniques

The Ultimate Guitar Method makes learning easy by breaking down all areas of guitar playing and knowledge into five categories called The Five Fundamental Techniques; Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs.

Each grade (called a step) is a benchmark of these topics and students must complete all requirements in each topic in order to progress to the next Step. This ensures students progress evenly across all skills.

Learn Everything

The Ultimate Guitar Method teaches absolutely everything involved guitar playing, even areas that are commonly forgotten about by other guitar courses and teachers. Learn picking, chords, scales, fingerpicking, percussive finger style, sight reading, music theory, improvising, song composition, guitar layering, sweeping, arpeggios, circle of fifths, tritone substitution and soooo much more.

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Learn Any Song You Love

There is great flexibility in The Ultimate Guitar Method. Students can choose the songs they learn, which means you can learn Metallica, Slipknot, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Led Zeppelin, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, The Wiggles or just about anything else as part of your Step.

Each grade comes with song recommendations for those who want to follow our advice, or aren’t sure what to learn. We typically play these pieces along with the song, backing track, or simply jam them with your tutor or guitar class.

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Suitable For Everyone

Steps A, B, C and D are the Junior Course, specifically designed to make learning easy for students as young as 3 or for anyone who’s finding guitar to be extremely challenging. Steps 1 to 6 are the Senior Course and are designed for ages 13+. The Senior edition progresses a little faster than Junior, and includes some additional aspects such as extended arpeggios, chord alterations and melodic minor modes. Students are even able to write an original song and become their own musician as part of the course.

Both Junior and Senior are designed to help students learn and improve at their own pace. Students learn parts of the guitar, chords, scales, sight reading, arpeggios, picking, fingerpicking and most importantly a wide variety of songs students by popular artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Shawn Mendes, AC/DC, Billie Eilish, Marshmello and many more.

More Than Just Songs And Scales

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Stay encouraged and motivated with certificates and small rewards for completing Ultimate Guitar Method grades.

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