3 Things All Parents Need To Know About Learning Guitar

Learning the guitar at a young age is a fantastic idea. It embeds music into a person’s nature and lifestyle. In fact, many of the popular, skilled or successful musicians have been involved in music since they were very young – often as young as three! Here are several points I wish I knew about young learners when I became involved in the guitar realm.

1) Many kids are reluctant. Whether it’s nerves, shyness or fear of failure, many young students are quite hesitant when first starting an instrument. We train our tutors to be wary of this, but it pays for parents to be aware too.

2) Kids don’t typically practice on their own accord. This is very true for young students. Many either don’t understand the relationship between practice and improvement, and many aren’t willing to put in the effort of practice just to improve their playing – and that’s ok. Try incentivising their practices, putting it on a daily schedule, rewarding improvements and making it easy to pick up the guitar by having a dedicated practice space.

3) Slow progress is ok. Again, particularly true for young students. Young students often need to repeat the a skill many times before it really sinks in. This isn’t a bad thing, but it can falsely appear as slow progress.

Thanks for reading, I really hope this advice proves useful for you and your child. Feel free to check out our other catalogue of beginner articles, parent tips, lessons and videos. I’d recommend starting here:


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Happy shredding!

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