4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Guitar

Starting to learn the guitar is GREAT. It completely changed my life and I hope it changes yours too (for the better of course!). But there are a few things that I wish someone had told me when I first started. Whether you’re self taught or attend regular lessons, these few points will go a long way in guiding your success on any instrument.

1) Trust your tutor. A good tutor knows what they’re talking about. They may ask you to try some songs or aspects that you don’t particularly enjoy (and it’s ok not to like them), but it’s all for the greater good of your learning. Sometimes it’s worth spending 5 minutes playing boring old exercises if it’ll help you learn that new riff you’ve been trying so hard to get!

2) Practice what your tutor suggests. I’ve said this time and time again – playing guitar is not practicing guitar. The secret to quick improvement is to work on the skills behind the music. Your UGA tutor will most likely suggest practicing some form of routine that consists of a few exercises and scales. Stay committed and put in the practice at home!

3) It’s ok for guitar to be difficult. Learning the guitar is a journey and you may only just be starting out. There may be some aspects that you pick up quickly many will require effort, work and practice. and that’s ok. The important part is to be persistent and keep at it!

4) Believe in yourself. I know, what a cliche. But there really is a link to success on the guitar and self belief. The more I teach, the more I see that to be evident in skilled guitarists – they simply just don’t quit!

Thanks for reading, I hope this encourages you on your guitar journey!

Happy Shredding!

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