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Hi, I’m Daniel and I’m the founder of Ultimate Guitar Academy. I’m just an ordinary guy who loves music and wants to help you become the best guitarist you can possibly be.

I started Ultimate Guitar Academy to help other ordinary people improve at their guitar playing, because if I can do it – so can you!

Our Story So Far...

Way back in 2009, I looked around at the various guitar courses and in all honesty, I wasn’t overly impressed. There wasn’t really much that inspired students or actually started at the easiest level possible. In fact, many courses didn’t make a whole lot of sense – several contained advanced chords in the very first grade. Others contained a list of chords to learn, but then had different chords in the required songs. The lack of logic and coherency was blatantly obvious.

I decided to make my own guitar learning curriculum, called Ultimate Guitar Method. A course that teaches all aspects of guitar playing and lets you choose the songs you want to learn.

Hence Ultimate Guitar Academy was born. Check out our theme song below, called “Be Awesome”.

Over the years we’ve developed specific systems for teaching various aspects, such as our “Frets First” approach for teaching sight reading. This approach is specifically designed for guitarists and has had a 100% success rate with our students.

The bottom line – it’s our mission to make learning easy, so you can go from complete zero to guitar hero.

Meet The UGA Team...


Meet Tom: Guitar Teacher About Tom: With a love for fingerstyle, acoustic and electric playing, Tom just can’t keep his hands off the guitar. Playing Since: 2014 Favourite Guitarists: Tommy Emmanual, Slash, Angus Young, Plini, Jason...


Meet Daniel: Head Teacher About Daniel: Just a guy who loves guitar. Whether it’s fingerstyle, shredding neo-classical solos, or even just nice acoustic strumming, he loves it all. Playing Since: 2000 Favourite Guitarists:  Tommy Emmanuel, John...


Meet Nirvana: Guitar Teacher About Nirvana: With a love for everything awesome, he specialises in jazz and virtuoso guitar playing. Playing Since: 2012 Favourite Guitarists:  Tommy Emmanuel, John Petrucci, Steve Vai,  George Benson, Ted Greene, Brent...


Meet Marlon: Guitar Teacher About Marlon: Focusing on songwriting, musicianship and creativity, Marlon is inspired by great guitar legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Petrucci. Playing Since: 2009 Favourite Guitarists: Josh Homme, Frank Black, Jason...

Our Teaching Philosophies

We’ve also developed many teaching philosophies that ultimately form basis for how we conduct our lessons – we now have over 20!!

  • Learn With A Purpose

  • Don't Just Learn Songs - Learn From Songs

  • 10,000 = Master

  • Learn As Much As You Can From One Song

  • Learning Is 90% Behaviour

  • You Either Know It, Or You Don't

  • Learn Everything

  • Project & Performance Pieces

  • Being A Good Guitarist Doesn't Make You A Good Teacher

  • Start At The Beginning

  • Tailored Learning

  • Rule Of 3's

  • If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

  • Learn At Your Level

  • If You Can Say It, You Can Play It

  • One Step At A Time

  • Guitar Key

  • Bring Your Level To The Songs

  • You're Not The First (Or Only)

  • Learn Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

  • You Have To Get It Wrong Before You Get It Right

How We Help You

Learn Songs

Stay motivated by learning your favourite songs, techniques and music styles

Develop Skills

Develop the technique and knowledge you need to play like you've always wanted

Be Awesome

Become the guitarist you always wanted to be!

A Guitar Course To Make Learning Easy

Ultimate Guitar


We devised our own curriculum that makes guitar easy and follows a logical learning path.

Whether students are learning at our studio, via Zoom/Skype or via an online course, Ultimate Guitar Method is available through all of our teaching mediums.

Learning Guitar Should Be...


Stay motivated by having fun learning your favourite songs


Our teaching resources help keep students engaged


Play along to practice videos and jam with fellow students and friends


It's our job to simplify the learning process and make your life easier

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