Child Safety

Our Stance On Child Protection

We have a preventative and proactive stance on child safety at UGA. It is a matter we take very seriously and ask that parents/guardians, students and staff are all aware of our policies and are invited to have input.

Our Policy

  • All participants (both staff and students) are not to touch each other.
  • Our staff are not to raise their voice or yell at any students unless absolutely necessary.
  • All UGA staff must have a current and valid Working With Children Check.
  • No student is to be left unattended.
  • The tuition room door is to be left unlocked when a student is in there.
  • Students are not to be recorded via audio or video.
  • Tutors are not to transport students to/from lessons.
  • Students wishing use toilet facilities must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Our staff are not permitted to escort students to the toilets.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for safe drop off and collection of children.
  • Parents/guardians, tutors and students are not to use coarse language.
  • Parents/guardians must drop off and collect students directly to and from their tutor. Do not leave children unattended waiting outside the tuition room or office building.
  • If a student is five minutes late to their lesson, a text message will be sent to the parents/guardian.
  • If a student is ten minutes late to their lesson, a phone call will be made to the parents/guardian.
  • We recommend parents sit in on lessons wherever possible.

Guess what? We're Not Perfect.

Whilst we take every measure to ensure the safety of our staff, students and parents, we are constantly improving and updating our policies. Anyone with comments, questions or suggestions for our policies are welcome to contact us. We always value and take under advisement any input or ideas for improvement.