Do You Know The Different Types Of Guitars?

There are two main types of guitars and though they have many similarities, they work quite differently.


Electric guitars have a solid body, which means they are very quiet. So we use a device called a “pickup” which is basically a magnet that picks up the sound. The signal is then sent via a “lead” which is the black cable that is plugged into the guitar. The other end is plugged into an “amp” which is short for “amplifier”. This device makes the sound loud and it plays it out of a speaker.

Electric guitars are designed for bending, playing up high and are also great for adding effects. They usually have just six strings, but are available in 7, 8, 9 and 12 string versions.


Acoustic guitars have an hollow body, which allows the sound to echo inside, making it loud. There are actually two types of acoustic guitar; Steel String or Classical (aka Nylon String).

  • Steel String Acoustic – These use metal strings, which deliver a bright and shiny sound. They work great for fingerpicking and strumming. Bending on them can be quite tough because they usually have thick strings, which can also be quite painful on your fingers.
  • Classical Acoustic (Nylon String) – These use soft strings that deliver a soft, dull sound. They are designed specifically for fingerpicking and have wide string spacing that allows you to accurate hold and pick each string. They are great for playing classical, jazz and pop music. Bending is very rare because the strings tend not to change pitch easily.
Acoustic guitars can also be Semi-Acoustic (aka Acoustic-Electric). This simply means that a pickup has been installed on the acoustic guitar, so it can be plugged into an amp or PA system. It’s a common misconception that they turn your acoustic guitar into an electric guitar – but this is not the case. It’s simply used to plug your guitar into some kind of speaker system.

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