Free Guitar Lesson Live Stream

Due to the current isolation and social distancing that’s happening due to the coronavirus pandemic of March 2020, many guitar schools are closing for an uncertain amount of time.

What does this mean for you? No guitar progress ☹️ .

To make matters worse, it won’t just be a lack of progress. Taking a month or two off from lessons will mean that you’ll need to spend about two months getting back on track – that’s up to four months of progress lost!

You don’t want that. We don’t want that. Nobody wants that.

So we’re running a free guitar lesson via live stream on Saturday April 4, 2020!

Though we specifically have beginner-intermediate level students in the Camden and Campbelltown region in mind, this live stream guitar lesson is for absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world. We just want to help people get better at their guitar playing and will be available to answer questions or teach a few songs via the live stream.

Here’s what we’ll be teaching/discussing:

• Guitar basics

• Proper picking technique

• Popular melodies & songs

• Common chords

• Bar chord help

• Any questions from listeners.

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