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At The Ultimate Guitar Academy, we run group guitar lessons for all ages, music styles and skill levels in the Camden and Campbelltown region. These group guitar lessons allow students to make friends, build self confidence and learn band related skills that are essential for playing with fellow musicians. Students in the guitar class are also able to learn ensemble pieces; this is where there are several different layers of guitar playing occurring at the same time. One student might play the chord progression, another student can play the main riff and another can play the melody. Group guitar classes are also ideal because they allow for us to offer a discounted rate.

Our guitar classes typically follow The Ultimate Guitar Method, which breaks down everything in guitar into the Five Fundamental Techniques; Picking, Chords, Aural, Reading and Songs.

There are a total of ten grades within The Ultimate Guitar Method, with Steps A, B, C & D being designed for ages 4-12, and Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are deigned for ages 13+. Students have the option to learn songs and content of their own choice within the course, but there are also song suggestions for each grade.

Anyone interested in group guitar lessons in Camden, Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs should contact us here to book a free trial lesson.

Anyone looking to purchase a guitar can do so via Artist Guitars.

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