The Gift Of Skill, Knowledge &


The gifts of skill and knowledge surpass all others because they are timeless. Our guitar lesson gift certificates can be used towards any of our lesson services. Plus, guitar is cool.

The Gift Of Skill

Let’s be honest – finding unique presents for Birthdays or Christmas is tough. So why not help that “guitar friend” of yours to become better at what they love? There isn’t a guitarist in the world that doesn’t want to constantly improve their playing.

Custom Video Message From A UGA Tutor

We want your present to be cool. So we can provide (an optional) custom recorded message to the recipient, free of charge. All you need to do is provide us with some details on what you want the message to contain. It might simply say “Happy Birthday, from Mum and Dad”, or we can go into detail about the cool music the recipient will learn. We’ll also shred a few guitar licks to build the excitement!


No Guitar? No Problem!

We keep several spare guitars of all shapes and sizes for students to use. In fact, we recommend trying out your first lesson before buying a guitar, so we can help you get the size and kind. It’s also important to try and get a guitar with low action – this is how high the strings sit off the fretboard.

Our Clients Say


I have 2 children learning with UGA. They really enjoy the lessons. My older child has been learning with UGA for about 7 yrs & can play almost anything she tries & loves practicing. The teacher is really encouraging & supportive!

Sydney, Australia


We love UGA, my son is learning so much and really enjoys his lessons. I highly recommend UGA for anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Sydney, Australia

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All of our lessons run on a weekly basis, following the NSW public school weeks.

Student’s lesson day/time is the same each week during the term.

During public school holidays, the regular timetable does not run, but students can book additional lessons by appointment during this time

We have spare guitars for students to use at lessons and take home for up to five weeks.

Our address is 1B/1 Exchange Parade, Smeaton Grange 2567 NSW Australia.

Gift vouchers can also be used for online lessons via Zoom and Skype etc.

They sure can – we typically use Zoom and Skype, but other mediums such as FaceTime also work well.

Gift certificates are for five consecutive weeks of lessons.

We make a personalised video that you can give the recipient, so they’re getting more than just a voucher – they’re getting something that will excite them to learn the guitar!

They sure can – in most cases they can keep their currently booked in lesson day and time.

We teach all ages, but typically anyone aged between 3 and 90 can play the guitar.

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