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One on one sessions allow you to improve your skills and knowledge while focusing on exactly what you love. Songs, chords, fingerpicking, solos – the choice is yours!

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Learn What You Want To Learn

Private Lessons allow us to teach you exactly what you want to learn.

Follow one of our courses or focus on a specific area of interest like fingerpicking, theory, soloing or improvising.

It’s your time to develop your skills.

Ultimate Guitar


Private lessons can follow any guitar curriculum (or even non-curricula learning), but we recommend Ultimate Guitar Method – this is our very own guitar curriculum that makes learning easy and structured for all ages. It includes all aspects of guitar playing and allows you to choose what songs to learn.

Start your guitar journey or take your playing to the next level with a versatile, structured guitar course.

Develop Your Skills

One-on-one allow us to focus specifically on you, so that you can develop your skills at your own pace.

We teach our students everything there is in guitar; picking, chords, strumming, soloing, improvising, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, alternate picking, economy picking, sweeping, fingerpicking, percussive-fingerstyle, palm muting… the list is endless!

Acheive Your Goals

Whether it’s fingerpicking, soloing, chord playing or improvising, Private Lessons allow us to give you personalised assistance so you can achieve your goals.

We commonly help students with; Open chords, bar chords, scales, music theory, solos, picking, fingerpicking, improvising, music notation, music performance, recording, HSC Music, songwriting, arpeggios, tapping, sweeping, whammy bars, guitar effects, legato, speed picking, alternate picking, economy picking and much more.


More Than Just A Guitar Lesson

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Stay encouraged and motivated with certificates and awards

Practice Help

Resources to make practice fun

All Ages & Skill Levels

Private Lessons can suit students of any age group, but are particularly ideal for young beginners, older learners or anyone who has experienced difficulty trying to learn the guitar.

Advanced students often prefer Private Lessons because they tend to require assistance in very specific topics, like arpeggios, improvising or sweeping.

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