Skype/Zoom Guitar Lessons

Learn from anywhere with a Skype, Zoom or FaceTime call on your phone, tablet or computer.

A Guitar Teacher On Your Device

Stay home and improve your guitar skills with a trained and experienced Skype guitar teacher on your phone, tablet or computer screen.

Learn from wherever you are – home, a friend’s house, or even at work on your lunch break.

All Skill Levels

We constantly teach beginners and advanced students

All Ages

We frequently teach students as young as three

All Music Styles

Electric, acoustic, rock, pop, fingerstyle – we teach it all

Guitar Lessons For The 21st Centurary

Students are engaged with Google Docs, videos, slideshows, pdf files and playlists on Spotify & Apple Music.

Live editing on our documents allow students to see what a tutor types or highlights as they do it, helping them see exactly what a tutor is referring to.

Students are also given a login to access online learning resources, articles and additional video lessons.

These are the exact same resources that we use our students at our studio in Sydney.

Ultimate Guitar


Learn all aspects of guitar playing with a versatile, structured course that starts at the easiest level possible and takes you to highly advanced guitar playing.

Comprised of the Five Fundamental Techniques, The Ultimate Guitar Method allows you to learn the music you love in any musical genre, such as rock, pop, jazz, fingerpicking and even neoclassical – yes, that’s a real genre.

We teach Ultimate Guitar Method through both in-person and online guitar lessons.

Learn Songs. Develop Skills.

Be Awesome.

Our main priority is to develop the crucial skills and knowledge that you need to take your playing to the next level. This could be fingerpicking, chords, solos, music theory, arpeggios, sweeping, sight reading and so much more. One of the best ways to do this is to learn all Five Fundamental Techniques in The Ultimate Guitar Method.

Your Skype Guitar Lesson is your time to focus on your areas of interest.

What You'll Need

  • Any device with a camera and microphone; Computer,
    Laptop, smart phone, tablet or TV.
  • A decent internet connection. Many mobile phone plans have a decent enough connection.
  • A guitar (of course!)
  • An attitude that’s willing to learn.

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