How To Get Good At Guitar

What’s the secret to getting “good’ at playing the guitar?

There are plenty of tips, tricks and shortcuts. Having a good teacher is definitely one of my biggest recommendations. But at the end of the day – you just have to play. As much as possible. There is no true substitute for that.

The more you are on the guitar, the more comfortable you will become with playing it. I’ve often found that I play really well after a day of jamming with friends or recording guitar tracks. The strange thing is, I’ll often be playing really basic guitar work (power chords, open chords, simple picking etc) but then when I practice afterwards at night or the next day, my fingers are lightning quick and my picking absolutely shreds. Simply playing the guitar all day will make you so much more comfortable and relaxed when you play more advanced shredding.

I’ll bet that was surprisingly simple and somewhat obvious. But it’s an honest truth – the more you play, the more comfortable you become and the more you will improve.

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