How To Set Up For Skype Guitar Lessons

Set Up Skype

  • Download Skype from or from the app store on your device.
  • Set up your Skype account and send the username to your tutor.

Get Tuned Up

  • You could use a tuning app on your phone or tablet, or an online tutorial.
  • We can help you tune up during your Skype lesson, but being tuned before the lesson will save time.

Be Ready

  • Sign in to Skype at least 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time.
  • Have your Google Documents open on your computer, or a second device.
  • Make sure the camera captures things: (1) Your face, (2) your strumming hand and (3) your fretting hand.
  • You may need to adjust the camera or your chair to do this. Sitting further back from the camera may also help.

Tips For Best Practice

  • Be signed in and online at the scheduled time of your lesson.
  • Your tutor will also set up a Google Document to use in your lessons. You should have this open for when your lesson starts.
  • Smartphones and Tablets lose the video feed when switching between Skype and Google Docs, so a computer is the ideal choice.
  • You can use multiple devices – once for Skype and another for the Google Doc.
  • Be tuned and ready to go before your scheduled lesson time.
  • Speak clearly during the lesson.
  • Be excited!

Be Awesome

Once you’re ready to go, it’s time to start improving your guitar skills!

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