How To Use Online Documents (Google Docs)

Why Do We Use Online Documents?

  • They can’t be lost or destroyed.
    Web links to songs and other resources can be placed in documents.
  • Google Documents can have practically unlimited pages.
  • They can be searched – just hold command+F (or ctr+F for Windows users).
  • Student’s can’t forget to bring them to each lesson.
  • Content can be quickly transferred between documents via copy and paste.
  • Document can be shared with parents so they can see what students are working on and should be practicing.

What's In The Document?

• Student Profile – Students should fill out their name, Ultimate Guitar Method step and also how many practices they should be doing each week.

• Practice Schedule – Students should fill out what times they are free to practice on each weekday. They can also write how many minutes they intend to practice at each of these sessions.

• Practice Routine – Tutors can make a customised practice routine here for students. Alternatively, they can use the routines provided on resource page for their Ultimate Guitar Method step.

• Songs I Want To Learn – Students should write down a list of songs they want to learn. These can be anything at all and don’t even need to have guitar in them. It’s a good idea to have both easy and difficult songs, so that students have short and long term goals.

• My Goals – This is a list of goals that students have that are not learning a specific song. Some examples are; learn to read music, learn a guitar solo, write my own song, learn to tune my guitar, learn to re-string my guitar, play a song along with the music, learn a whole song.

• Songs & Notes – We write down any notes from lessons, or songs that they may have learnt.

Tips For Using Documents

  • Complete the fields mentioned above (Student Profile, Practice Schedule, Practice Routine, Songs I Want To Learn and My Goals)
  • Save the google document as a bookmark in a web browser. This should be done on a computer or device that your child has access to. Many children have their own iPad these days, so saving the bookmark on Safari on their iPad is a great idea.
  • You’re welcome to print your document if you like, however we don’t recommend doing this because it’s common for many changes to be made to the first few pages in documents.

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