June 2021 Holiday Guitar Work

With school holidays underway, it’s pretty common for students to slacken off on the guitar practice, whilst also growing bored of just hanging around at home. So we’ve put together a guitar goal list for students to follow. It can be viewed and downloaded here –  UGA Holiday Practice Goals / Guide.

There are two sections.

  1. Practice Log – Here students should record how much practice they do in the holidays. Aiming for four 15 minute sessions each week is a good idea. There’s a “Reward” column too, so that students can get some kind of reward for completing this minimum amount. Parents can figure out what reward to their child with.
  2. Goal List – Students should use this to set some goals for the holidays. There are a few that we’ve already put on there, but there’s also space for students to make some of their own. One of the goals is to learn a song from the video lessons on our website, so make sure your child has access to the student login section. Lessons can also be viewed by difficulty here.

Having difficulties downloading the pdf? Try saving the images below.

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