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How Music Is Made

Daniel October 13, 2021


Up until now, our focus has really been on getting you up and running on the guitar. So now that you actually know how to play quite a few pieces on the guitar, let’s have a look at some really fundamental knowledge for us guitarists.

Something to note is that this would actually be really beneficial to learn before even picking up the guitar. So why have we waited until now to teach it to you? Most guitarists (especially beginners) are after quick wins. They want to learn how to play songs immediately, rather than sit through a lesson that teaches them about music “theory”. The vast majority of students that we’ve taught over the years simply lose attention if they’re not learning a song in the first lesson, and then a multitude of songs straight afterwards.

So now is a great time to have a brief look at fundamental music knowledge that turns you from a “guitarist” into a “musician”.