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Sunshine Of Your Love

Daniel October 13, 2021


Now that you’re quite skilled in your picking, we’re going to push the boundaries a little and check out the main riff for Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream. Believe it or not, this is still going to be a simplified version of the song, but will really help develop your finger control and picking ability.

This lesson is quite long, so don’t feel that you have to complete it all in one sitting. Rather, focus on learning one small section and then master it! Once you’re awesome at it, build the next part on top.

The Video Lesson:

Practice Video:

To help you become competent with this riff, try playing along to the below video.

It simply plays the main pattern on the Low E string only, for it’s entirety. It’s quite tough, but when you can play along to this video from start to finish, then you’re ready to move the riff to the various necessary strings.


  • Be sure to use your index and ring fingers for the 12’s and 10’s
  • Focus on develop the 12 12 10 12 finger technique first, keeping the index on fret 10 for the whole time
  • It’s definitely best to try using your index, middle and ring fingers for frets , 6 and 7
  • Practice the riff on just the low E string first
  • Once you’re really comfortable with it, try moving it to the correct string and eventually play the entire pattern
  • Remember, the string pattern for the verse is:
    • D x4
    • G x2
    • D x2
  • Once you’ve mastered the verse, try the chorus
  • A great pattern for playing the song is:
    • Verse
    • Chorus
    • Verse
    • Chorus
    • End by playing 12 on the D string, or even a D chord
  • Try playing along to the backing tracks below

Backing Tracks:

We’ve included three types of backing tracks, try playing along to each of them.