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Welcome To Step 1

Daniel January 14, 2021

A Note From Daniel...

What Do Step 1 Students LearN?

  • The parts of the guitar
  • Proper string names
  • Three beginner scales
  • Entry level exercises designed to develop technique
  • Beginner chords with strumming patterns
  • The Five Fundamental Techniques
  • Songs for both chords and picking
  • How to read guitar tab, chord charts & chord diagrams

How Much Should Step 1 Students Practice?

  • Aim to practice at least three times per week, but don’t stress if you don’t get all three in – life is busy!
  • Each session should go for a minimum of 15 minutes, however it may take several lessons to learn enough content to fill this time

How Long Will Step 1 Take?

  • The Ultimate Guitar Method is a self paced curriculum
  • The average completion for students who diligently follow the above practice minimum is three months