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Your First Scale

Daniel January 14, 2021


Before you roll your eyes about the fact that we’re going to be looking at a “scale”, it’s important to understand why we learn them.

There really are many reasons, but in short, scales will help:

  • Develop your musical ear
  • Improve your picking technique
  • Your ability to hold down the strings properly
  • Your understanding of how music is made
  • Become a musician, not just a person who knows a few things on the guitar

It’s common for guitarists to pride themselves in not knowing any theory or scales, but this really only demonstrates a lack of understanding. Sure, it’s great that many guitarists can achieve awesome things just from learning by ear or copying others – but these guitarists would be even better if they learnt scales and some theory, even if it’s just a little bit.

Still not convinced? Consider it like this – the top musicians around the world in any musical genre or instrument will know all major scales like the back of their hand. If they’ve put in the time to learn scales, surely it must be important!

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