Online Guitar Lessons Camden & Narellan

Well the coronavirus has hit Sydney. This terrible pandemic has lead to lock-downs and many businesses closing, however, we at UGA are running online guitar lessons for students in the Camden & Narellan region.

We have two main offerings for our students, both new and old.

Video Calls – Whether it’s FaceTime, Skype or an alternative, we can run a guitar lesson via a video call. This means you can have a lesson with a real live guitar tutor even though you’re in social isolation. We’ve been running these lessons for so long now, that it’s become one of our specialties. A common misconception is that these aren’t as good as an in-person lesson, but I’ve found that some students really excel after converting their regular lessons to Skype. This might be because of how it relies so heavily on technology, which students find engaging. Google Docs, videos, pdf files and slideshows are some of the tools we utilise. Plus, they’re super convenient because you don’t have to travel anywhere.

Pre-recorded Video – We’re in process of finalising video packages that contain a series of lessons. These are great because you can pause, rewind and rewatch them as much as you like. Anyone interested in this should contact us for more information.

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