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At The Ultimate Guitar Academy we turn people into guitarists and guitarists into musicians. We do this by a range of guitar and music tuition services including Private, Shared, Group and Skype Tuition.

We believe that learning should be fun and ideally structured. This is why we developed The Ultimate Guitar Method! This is a curriculum for learning the guitar that has broken everything down into the Five Fundamental Techniques; CHORDS, PICKING, AURAL, SIGHT READING and SONGS. Steps A, B, C and D are designed specifically for students aged 3-12, and Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are designed for students aged 13+.

We have guitar lesson packs available for those with specific needs, such as Blues Guitar, Music Theory and Fingerstyle Guitar. These are relatively short courses designed to give you in depth knowledge as quickly as possible by learning the most crucial aspects of a certain style or genre.

One of our primary offerings is to learn what YOU want to learn. Don’t care about sight reading, scales or theory? That’s ok, you don’t have to learn it. Sure, it would make you a better guitarist and musician, but with enough practice and time, the majority of students become interested in these areas anyway.

We aren’t big on practice – we’re big on effective practice. We give all students practice routines to follow and practice logs to record their times.

We are very skill focused here at UGA. Don’t just learn the song – learn the skill that’s within the song. If you learn the skill, then you’ll be able to use that in countless songs when required.

We want you to become the best guitarist you can possibly be, which means we want you to learn EVERYTHING!

We also want students to stay motivated, so we give awards, certificates and prizes to students who show dedication and improvement in their learning.

All parents of UGA students are given Progress Reports so they stay informed of what their child has been learning and how they are progressing.

Simply put, we teach all music styles, ages and skill levels.

Take your playing to the next level and book a free trial lesson NOW!

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