Our Term System

What Is A Term System?

  • We run our lessons in four 10 week blocks per year, just like a primary or high school does here in Australia.
  • Invoices are sent out at the start of the every term and cover all lessons for that term.

Why Use A Term System?

  • Allows us to give substantially lower rates than our leading competitors.
  • Helps our staff provide a reliable service.
  • Gives our students the commitment and stability they deserve.
  • Gives our staff the commitment and stability they deserve. After all, they are providing for their families.
  • Allows us to offer discounted group rates (in fact, some of the cheapest professional music tuition rates in Australia).
  • You can’t learn guitar in just one lesson – so we don’t sell just “one lesson”

What About Cancellations?

  • Give your tutor 24 hours notice in order to be valid to reschedule a lesson.
  • Inform us 7 days before a term commenced if they wish to cancel lessons, change classes or days/times.

What About During Holidays?

  • Extra lessons can be booked by appointment – simply arrange this directly with your tutor.
  • We may also be available for any catch-up or rescheduled lessons.

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