Some Advice For Guitar Teachers

I’m often hearing stories about guitar teachers (and other businesses) price cutting one another. This seems to be extremely common in the music tuition realm and I have some very strong opinions and thoughts on this and would like to express just a few of them. I think that many music tutors lack business training and so resort to the only “business trick” they know, which is lowering their rates.

Price cutting only leads down. Once the price cutting war starts, it’s only real finishing place is at $0 (but hopefully it stops before it reaches that point). This isn’t good for anyone – even the customers. Guitar teachers are people too, often with families to provide for. Without an income, they can’t spend money or pay any tax and that’s bad for our government, economy and other businesses.

Cheaper is not better. I’d rather pay $100 for something I actually want and will benefit from, than $1 for something that I don’t want or won’t benefit from. If one guitar teacher is cheaper than another, it doesn’t make them any better. I’d argue that the more expensive guy is better – he’s so good that people are willing to pay even more money than what other tutors are asking.

Value. I always strive to give the best value I possibly can here at UGA. I’m always thinking of different ways that I can make the learning and customer experience even better for students and their families.

I guess this can be summed up with “Get paid what you’re worth”. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in giving people good value. I always strive to be the absolute best I can be in all areas (not just guitar).

If this article strikes a chord with you (yes, that pun is intended), feel free to contact us and discuss the possibility of joining UGA. We’d love to work with you!

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