SOTM May 2021 – 7 Nation Army

Welcome to Shred Of The Month for May 2021! Here you’ll find all of the information you need to enter this month’s draw.

Song: Seven Nation Army

Artist: The White Stripes

Tags To Include: #shredofthemonthmay21 #ultimateguitaracademy #artistguitars @ultimateguitaracademy @artistguitars

Learn It Here:

(Alternatively, ask your teacher to show you how to play this riff!)

How To Enter:

  • LIKE: Like the UGA and Artist Guitars Facebook pages.
  • UPLOAD: Upload a video of yourself (or your child) playing this song to Facebook.
  • TAG: Include the following tags in your post: #shredofthemonthmay21 #ultimateguitaracademy #artistguitars @ultimateguitaracademy @artistguitars
Note: Make sure you post is set to public

Tips To WIN:

  • Make sure you include the tags! Otherwise we won’t see your video.
  • Be creative. Feel free to include your own variations of the song. You could play it on acoustic or electric, add distortion or other effects – just play it in any way you think sounds cool.
  • Have fun. Simply enjoy the process of learning a new song, filming your video and sharing it with your friends and family. After all, music is about enjoyment.
  • The above video contains a pretty basic arrangement of the main riff. Feel free to play this version, or the full version of the riff. In fact, why not play the whole song from start to finish?
  • Make sure your post is set to public – otherwise we won’t be able to see it!
  • Don’t forget to include the tags so that we can find your post!

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