SOTM November 2023 – Enter Sandman

Welcome to Shred Of The Month for November 2023! Here you’ll find all of the information you need to enter this month’s draw and win a guitar prize pack.

Song: Enter Sandman

Artist: Metallica

Tags To Include In Your Post: #shredofthemonth #shredofthemonth2023 #ultimateguitaracademy #artistguitars @ultimateguitaracademy @artistguitars

Learn It Here:

Need help? Ask your teacher!

Practice It Here:

Please Note:

  • You do not need to perform the whole song – just a small excerpt will suffice.
  • Students can play a basic arrangement (as seen in the above video), or the actual guitar arrangement from the song.
  • The most important aspects are to have a go and improve your guitar playing.

How To Enter:

  • LIKE: Like the UGA and Artist Guitars Facebook pages.
  • UPLOAD: Upload a video of yourself (or your child) playing this song to Facebook.
  • TAG: Include the following tags in your post: #shredofthemonth #shredofthemonth2023 #ultimateguitaracademy #artistguitars @ultimateguitaracademy @artistguitars
Note: Make sure you post is set to public

Tips To WIN:

  • Make sure you include the tags! Otherwise we won’t see your video.
  • If in doubt, tag our facebook page in a comment on your own post
  • Be creative. Feel free to include your own variations of the song. You could play it on acoustic or electric, add distortion or other effects – just play it in any way you think sounds cool.
  • Have fun. Simply enjoy the process of learning a new song, filming your video and sharing it with your friends and family. After all, music is about enjoyment.
  • Make sure your post is set to public – otherwise we won’t be able to see it!

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