St Peter's Guitar Lessons

The guitar tuition program has been running for several years at St Peter’s. Over that time, there have been students from Kindergarten through to year 6 who attend lessons. Many of these students continue to learn with UGA outside of school once they finish year 6.

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Guitar Lessons To Suit You


One-on-one guitar lessons where the focus is on you.


Learn guitar in a class of 2-7 students at a discounted price.

Become An Awesome Guitarist.

All Skill Levels

Complete novice, intermediate, advanced and guitar masters are all welcome

All Ages

Lessons & courses specifically designed for kids, teens & adults, even as young as 3

All Music Styles

Electric, acoustic, rock, pop, fingerstyle, jazz, HSC Music, theory – we teach it all

Learn Songs. Develop Skills.

Become An Awesome Guitarist.

Our priority is to make learning easy for all students so they can develop the skills and knowledge needed to become awesome guitarists. Our main curriculum, The Ultimate Guitar Method, is designed to start at the most basic level possible and teach students music they know and enjoy, by artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Hillsong, AC/DC, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

We frequently teach students as young as 5 at William Carey and many stay in tuition all the way through their school career, even when they leave for high school.

More Than Just A Guitar Lesson

Online Resources

Access practice resources, learning tips and additional video lessons using our student login


Stay encouraged and motivated with certificates and small rewards for dedication or completing Ultimate Guitar Method grades

Jam Sessions

Meet other students and learn new tricks or songs at our free jam student sessions

Stay Informed

Online lesson documents keep parents in the loop, along with audio or video recordings that we can send home

Shred Of The Month is a contest we run each term where any enrolled student can learn the required song and upload a video of themselves playing it to win awesome guitar prizes. This includes students learning  at our guitar studio in Sydney, via online video guitar courses and even our Skype Guitar students.

A Course For All Ages & Music Styles

Ultimate Guitar


Learn all aspects of guitar playing with a versatile, structured course that’s designed specifically for young beginners.

Comprised of the Five Fundamental Techniques, The Ultimate Guitar Method allows you to learn the music you love in any musical genre, such as rock, pop, jazz, fingerpicking and even neoclassical – yes, that’s a real genre.

It’s quite common for guitarists to only learn one aspect: Songs. But our goal is for all students to progress evenly by learning all of these aspects. Students in The Ultimate Guitar Method are only able to pass grades when they complete all required areas.


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Not only are our rates some of the most competitive in our local region, but NSW residents you can save an additional $100 through Creative Kids.

No Guitar? No Problem

We keep several spare guitars of all shapes and sizes for students to use. In fact, we recommend trying out your first lesson before buying a guitar, so we can help you get the size and kind. It’s also important to try and get a guitar with low action – this is how high the strings sit off the fretboard.


What Our Students Say

UGA’s unique approach to teaching guitar has helped my children gain skills and confidence so quickly that their passion for guitar and music in general has grown. I don’t even have to nag to practice because they love what they're learning


Sydney, Australia

My son just attended the 1st term of guitar lessons. He has learned so much in that short period. He has totally enjoyed himself and loves it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn music. The tutor is fantastic


Sydney, Australia

I have 2 children learning with UGA. They really enjoy the lessons. My older child has been learning with UGA for about 7 yrs & can play almost anything she tries & loves practicing. The teacher is really encouraging & supportive


Sydney, Australia

How It All Works...

  • Lessons are held on school days before and during class times. The current day is Thursdays only.
  • Lessons are held on school grounds in the music tuition rooms, which are next the tennis courts (please see pictures below).
  • A rotating timetable is used to prevent students missing out on too much of the same classwork. This timetable is placed on a noticeboard in the school’s tunnel entrance and is also sent to parents as a Google Document.
  • After the guitar lesson, students simply return to class and continue with daily activities.
  • Students can book permanent time spots before school or during recess and lunch breaks. These spots are limited to availability.
  • Lessons are either Private, or Group.
  • Time slots that minimise class disruption are before school at 8:30, during recess at 11am or during lunch at 1pm. These are typically reserved to be group lessons, to accomodate for most parent’s preference.
  • The UGA Tutor usually goes to classrooms to collect new students if they’re unsure where to go. Students can also seek assistance from their friends, teacher or school office.
  • Parents must notify their tutor in advance if any school events interfere with scheduled lessons, such as camps, excursions, tests and exams.
  • Guitar lessons and fees all operate on a term system that follows the St Peter’s term weeks.
  • Payments are made via direct debit.

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