Step A Practice Routine

kid's guitar lessons
  • Each practice should be about ten minutes long, however it may take several lessons before students content to last ten minutes.
  • This routine should be completed at least three times per week.
  • If you always stick to the same routine, it will soon become habit for the student and they will be able to do it all on their own. The following is an example of a good Step A Routine. Remember, if they haven’t learnt a section, simply leave it out until they learn it.
  1. Quiz – Ask them to name all parts of their guitar, string names and High E & Low E string. You can then ask them to find certain fret numbers and also certain strings. If they become really good at this, try asking for a specific string at a specific fret, such as 5th fret on the B string. You can also ask them to name all Five Fundamental Techniques from memory and identify what chords and notes are.
  2. Exercises – Play each exercise they know at least five times. Aim for good technique rather than speed.
  3. Scales – Play each scale they know at least three times. Again, aim for good technique and correct notes.
  4. Chords – Ask them to play each chord they know from memory. Ensure they also string the correct strings with each chord.
  5. Songs – Save the best till last. You can have your child play through each song they know at least three times. If they’re struggling to play the song, then focus on the key to the song. This is not the musical key. It’s simply a small part of the song that works the majority of skills required. If the key can be played, then it’s not too much of a stretch to play the remainder of the song. If you aren’t sure what the key of the song is, simply ask your tutor. We highly recommend using our Practice Videos to practice along with. These should be accessible via their online document. If you don’t have access to this, speak to your UGA Tutor.

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