General Notes:

  • Only leave precisely one minute at the end to pack up. So for half hour lesson that starts at 3pm, you will start packing up at 3:29. If the lesson was an hour, then you would pack up at 3:59.
  • Students should be playing their guitar for at least 20 minutes in a 30 minute lesson. For 60 minute lessons, students should be playing for at least 45 minutes.
  • Set up time should be quick – only about 1-2 minutes. We want to get students playing their guitar as soon as possible.

Standard Lesson Tim Structure:

This example is a 30 minute lesson with a Step B student, starting at 4pm.


  • Previous student finished packing up, so greeted the waiting student and invited them to have a seat.
  • While they set up, ¬†asked them how they’ve been etc.
  • Tuned their guitar.


  • Played Zombie with the music – it was great, so marked competent and wrote the date
  • Played Despacito with the music- it was great, so marked competent and wrote the date
  • Played Cheap Thrills with the music – needs to work more on the picking, but getting better


  • They could do with a new song to help encourage them, so taught them Save Tonight. Explained the concept of two chords in one bar, practiced it quickly, then played it with the music.


  • Practiced the Picking Exercise 1 with the video
  • Practiced F Major Scale with the video


  • Only a minute before pack up time, so I asked them what their favourite song was – it was Smoke On The Water, so we played it with the practice video


  • Told them they can pack up, they played well and we’ll work on these more next week.