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E Minor Chord

Daniel February 13, 2021
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Let’s look at your first chord – it’s name is E Minor. As you can imagine, it’s just about the easiest chord on the guitar. Don’t forget that chords are a group of notes played at once, so on the guitar we typically remember these as shapes.

It’s important to note that this chord is not called “E”. The only acceptable name for this is “E Minor”.

When we write this chord symbol, it’s simply “Em” (of course, the m stands for “minor”).

The Video Lesson:

Close Up Version:


  • Make sure you play this chord exactly the same way every time
  • Try and angle your fingers so they touch the strings at 90 degrees – this way the shouldn’t touch any additional strings
  • Don’t get too hung up on making sure your chords are clear, rather focus more on just getting the shape
  • Our typical symbol for Em Minor is simply “Em”
  • The chord diagram for E Minor is below: