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F Major Scale

Daniel January 28, 2021
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Now that you’ve learnt more finger control and are developing an understanding of how we apply the different fingers to the guitar, let’s learn the F Major scale.

The Video Lesson:

Practice Video:


  • Make sure you use the correct fingers throughout this scale
  • A good way to think of the finger work is to use the same finger number for each fret number; Fret 1 = finger 1, fret 2 = finger 2 etc.
  • Take things one string at a time, possibly even having a pause after you play each string’s notes
  • Resting your picking hand will help improve your picking accuracy as you change strings
  • A common mistake is to add an open note at the start – make sure you don’t do this!
  • Notice that our tablature moves throughout the three different strings
  • It’s common for students to try and read the tablature from top to bottom – but we should only ever read from left to right, no matter which string comes first