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Your First Lesson

Daniel January 14, 2021
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Well here it is – your first lesson. We’re going to be looking at the parts of the guitar, string names and of course – your first song!

One thing to note is that your guitar may not be in tune yet, but don’t worry about this. Right now, I want you to focus on the actual playing of your guitar, even if it doesn’t sound quite the same as in the video. We will learn how to tune a guitar in the next lesson, so that you can start playing songs straight away.

It’s a massive stereotype, but Smoke On The Water just tends to be the best starting point for most students.

So at the risk of being a stereotypical beginner guitarist, have a go at learning this piece!

The Video Lesson:


  • Our parts of the guitar are:
    • Body
    • Neck
    • Head
    • Bridge
    • Strings
    • Frets
    • Tuning Keys
  • String names are:
    • E, A, D, G, B, E
  • This can be remembered by Eddy Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddy
  • When picking, your hand should rest on the guitar, somewhere near the indicated blue X symbols

Practice Video:

This first practice video is for Picking Exercise A.

This exercise simply plays the Low E string open, but remember to keep you picking hand braced on the guitar at all times. This is the key to developing proper picking technique. If this aspect is missed, then you will end up struggling with all picking on the guitar.

Once your picking technique is starting to improve and you’ve practiced the Smoke On The Water riff, try playing along to this practice video.

Please note that practice videos contain additional symbols which are required by the software used to make the videos. Just ignore these for the time being and we’ll learn more about them in future lessons.

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