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Highway To Hell

Daniel January 28, 2021
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Highway To Hell is one of those great rock songs from back in the good old days… well at least, old days.

We’re going to look at a simplified version of the riff that can help you learn how to use multiple fingers on the guitar.

The Video Lesson:

Practice Video:

Got the hang of the riff? Try playing along to this practice video.

The timing for this riff is the most challenging part, so I actually recommend just trying to match the sound as best you can. If you can’t, then don’t stress – just focus on trying to play the fret numbers in the correct order. That’s all we really need for this lesson.


  • Feel free to just use one finger if you’re experiencing difficulty, however we recommend using multiple fingers if possible.
  • If using multiple fingers, the index and middle are the best choices.
  • If using multiple fingers, keep the index on 2nd fret for the entire “2 2 3” section.
  • Keep the song broken up into it’s five sections (depicted below).
  • Our fret numbers are  –  5 5 5    2 2 3    2 2 3    2 2 3    2 5 5