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Horse With No Name

Daniel February 13, 2021
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Now that you know two chords, we can play a song!

We’re going to look at A Horse With No Name, by America. This is a pretty old classic song that is always used in movies, ads and still gets some radio time.

The song is basically just Em to D with a simple strumming patten, though it’s often a good idea to first practice simply changing between the two chords until you’re comfortable with the movements. The strumming pattern is D D UD UD (where D = Down and U = Up). If this is too challenging, two just four down strums per chord (D D D D).

The goal with anything in music is to play it fluently, but this certainly takes time and practice, so don’t stress if you have a pause while you change chords. That’s completely normal and to be expected. Just remember that if you keep practicing the chord change, it will become more fluent.

There are a few tricks that us guitarists have to help chord changes become more fluent, which we’ll look at in a future lesson.

The Video Lesson:

Practice Video:


  • First practice the chord changes without the strumming pattern
  • Make sure you use the same process of forming each chord that we’ve previously discussed
  • Completely separately, practice the strumming without changing chords
  • Once you’re comfortable with both of these aspects, try combining them
  • If you’re experiencing difficulty, try just playing each chord with four down strums
  • Our Chord Chart is written below:
|Em       |D        |
d d ud ud