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How Music Is Made On Guitar

Daniel October 13, 2021
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Music is really just sound, but different instruments work in various ways to make this sound.

Here we will discuss the different main two ways that we can make music on the guitar. Whilst there are always more techniques that can be applied, we will focus on the main aspects that apply to the vast majority of beginner and intermediate level guitarists.

This lesson moves quite fast. Consider it to be a crash course in fundamental music theory for the complete novice guitarist. So feel free to re-watch it, or even slow down the speed of the video (click the settings icon in the video player).

The Video Lesson:


  • Our two main ways of creating are using notes and chords
  • Notes are a single pitched sound
  • Each string is capable of making a note
  • Chords are a group of notes played at once
  • The musical notes are A B C D E F G (then restart)
  • One set of the notes is called an octave, abbreviated with the symbol “8ve”
  • An 8ve in the musical alphabet would be A B C D E F G A
  • Notes become higher pitched in each octave
  • A beat is the constant pulse of a song
  • The beat stays the same and evenly paced throughout a song
  • Beats are generally put into groupings of four
  • Four beats creates a bar
  • It’s common for chords to last for one bar (four counts)
  • Chords would be strummed on beat one of a bar
  • Re-watch this lesson video as many times as you need to ensure you’ve learnt all aspects