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How To Tune A Guitar

Daniel October 22, 2021
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Now that you know the strings of the guitar and have started the journey to guitar master, let’s learn how to get that guitar of yours to sound in tune!

As you go through this lesson, keep in mind that there are many different variations of guitars out there – some of which have more complicated tuning systems (like floating bridges, locking tuners etc). It’s highly unlikely that beginners will be affected by this because just about every beginner guitar uses the standard system of tuning.

In case you don’t have a tuner, just use the online tuner found here. I’ve actually found this tuner to be far more accurate than any tuning app I’ve every used.

On a side note, you may be wondering why this wasn’t included in your first lesson. There are two main reasons:

  1. You needed to know the string names, which was taught in the previous lesson.
  2. Most guitarists just want a quick win, especially for their first lesson. So tackling your first song is more sought after.
  3. Including this topic with the previous session would result in a massive lesson. Breaking thins up is much easier to handle and more enjoyable for students.
  4. Having a tuned guitar actually isn’t a big deal for beginners because playing just one string will mean that each note fits with the last because it’s all relative. We will definitely require a properly tunes guitar when we start using multiple strings, or if you play along to the practice videos.

One more tip: If you have trouble getting your guitar in tune, don’t stress. The priority for now should be on your guitar playing. The overall sound isn’t as important for beginners as you might think.

The Video Lesson:

Online Tuner:

  • An online guitar tuner can be found here. Please note that this website is not affiliated with UGA in any way.


  • The guitar strings should be tuned to E A D G B E – his is called “standard E”
  • Make sure you play each string clearly
  • Turn the tuning keys slowly and steadily
  • Only turn the tuning key if you can hear the string being played
  • A shorter version of the above video is available below, just in case you ever need a quick refresh