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No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Daniel January 14, 2021
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This is a classic riff from the 1980’s by The Beastie Boys. The original version is in a different tuning (and so is played differently), but this is a simple arrangement designed to help beginners get on their feet.

This song was recently used in a scene from The Secret Life Of Pets and also the Super Mario Bros. Movie (Check out the clips below).

The Video Lesson:

Practice Video:

Think you’ve got the hand of the riff? Try playing along to this practice video.


  • Whilst the start of this song is similar to Smoke On The Water, it really should sound very different. One of the tricks in doing this is to ensure you leave a slight pause after the first two open notes. In fact, you should have a second pause after the three and five, as depicted in the fret numbers for the song.
  • Our fret numbers are  –  0 0    3 5    7 3